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Story/Lore: The Fall

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Story/Lore: The Fall Empty Story/Lore: The Fall

Post by General Vasquez on Sat Sep 12, 2015 7:08 pm

The posts named "Backstory/Lore" Will explain the story of the website and where this takes place

It's the year 2514, a man named "Isaac Clark," infamous for his Marker destroying abilities has failed the most important mission of his life. The mission to destroy the Necromorph Moons, has failed and it was only a matter of minuets till they arrived. The united EarthGov forces prepared their forces, but they were not ready for something like this. In a matter of hours, the Earth had been sucked of all life and left derelict, covered in Markers of all sizes to become a new addition to the Necromorph Moon Brotherhood. The powerful nations of the Earth fell to the power of the Necromorph moons and even the most powerful organization, EarthGov, could not stop this monstrosity. The once tall and proud buildings of the Earth, now replaced with markers, destroyed and in ruin, or severely damaged cover the Earth as well. Bodies of thousands lay on the ground, soldiers, civilians, men, women, and children... This event is known as "The Fall" to all current inhabitants of The Earth. The Fall marks the destruction of Humanity, its achievements, and its glory. You live in the Post-Fall era, an era that Humanity could go extinct or could get back on its feet.
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