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Suit/RIG Upgrades Sheet

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Suit/RIG Upgrades Sheet Empty Suit/RIG Upgrades Sheet

Post by Admin on Sun Sep 13, 2015 12:23 am

This sheet lists out the upgrades that you can make using your Resource Points that you earn throughout RP
NOTE!: To Upgrade Anything You must locate A Working Bench (For weapons) or Suit Kiosk (For RIGs and suits)

--------------------RIG UPGRADES-------------------------
--------¤Health Upgrades¤--------
Health Extension 1 - Increases your HP by 2 (Cost: 2 Resource Points)
Health Extension 2 - Increases your HP by 2 (Cost: 3 Resource Points)
Health Extension 3 - Increases your HP by 2 (Cost: 4 Resource Points)
Health Extension 4 - Increases your HP by 2 (Cost: 5 Resource Points)
Storage Extension 1 - Increases your max storage space by 2 (Cost: 2 Resource points)
Storage Extension 2 - Increases your max storage by 4 (Cost: 3 Resource Points)
Storage Extension 3 - Increases your max storage by 5 (Cost: 4 Resource Points)
Resource Extension 4 - Increases your max storage by 5 (Cost: 5 Resource Points)
Resource Extension 5 "Professional Merchant" - Increases your max storage by 5 (Cost: 5 Resource points)
---------¤Electronics and Cyber-Tech¤---------
Data De-encryptor - Enables the ability to decrypt encrypted data files (Cost: 10 Resource points)
Hacking Client - Enables the ability to hack terminals, computers, or even other RIGs to make them malfunction or steal items (Cost: 20 Resource Points) (Note: must roll dice)
Cyber-Defense Software - A software system that fights both viruses and hackers (Cost: 20 Resource points) (Note: Must roll dice)
Communications Relay - Enables your RIG to be used as a hub or local network to communicate with others and extange information, you can set a password to protect your network or leave it open. (Cost: 10 Resource points) (Note! This is short ranged) (Note! Level 1 CR can hold up to 6 people at a time! You can upgrade this!)
CR Member Increase 1 - Increases the ammount of people who are able to join your network by 2 (Cost: 5 Resource points)
CR Member Increase 2 - Increases the ammount of people who can join your network by 2 (Cost: 5 Resource points)
Communications System - Enables your RIG to recive and send radio frequencies to listen or communicate with other RIGs or to log into a Hub
Thumbprint Scanner - A defense system that prevents looters or raiders to access your RIG by hand. (Cost: 15 Resource Points)
------------------¤SUIT UPGRADES---------------------
------¤Life Support Systems¤--------
Air tank 1 - Enables you to breathe in decompressed areas and non breathable areas for 10 posts (Cost: 10 Resource points) (Note! Be sure to get the "Air-tight" upgrade!)
Air tank 2 - Increases the amount of air you have by 5 posts (Cost: 5 Resource points)
Air Tank 3 - Increases the amount of air you have by 5 posts (Cost: 5 Resource points)
Air Tank 4 - Increases the amount of air you have by 5 posts (Cost: 5 Resource points)
[Air Tank 5 "Space-man"[/b] - Increases the amount of air you have by 10 posts (Cost: 5 Resource points)
Suit Insulation - Tightens the fabrics of your suit and makes sure there are no holes in your suit to allow you to stay warm in colder areas and during winter (Cost: 10 Resource points)
[b]Air-Tight Suit
- Special fabric that holds air in and does not let air out or in. Use this to go to space. (Cost: 10 Resource points)
Cooling System - A system used to cool down your suit and your body when the temperature gets too hot (Cost: 10 Resource points)
Health Regeneration Module - A module that slowly regenerates your health without using Medpacks or Resource Points. (Cost: 15 Resource Points)
Armor 1 - Cheap and weak armor made of copper (Cost: 5 Resource Points)
Armor 2 "Raider" - Quickly made armor, not as good as you'd think i'd be, but certainly an improvement. Replaces the Copper plates with aluminum and reinforces the helmet (Cost: 10 Resource points)
Armor 3 "Security Guard" - Professional light steel plates that can stop a few bullets before braking, this armor covers about 70 percent of your body (Cost: 20 Resource Points)
Armor 4 "Titan Security" - Two layers of light titanium, its bound to protect you from a necromorph slash or two. (Cost: 30 Resource points)
Armor 5 "Riot Police" - Using the same design concept of a Kevlar vest, triple layered steel armor (Cost: 35 Resource Points)
Armor 6 "Military Grade" - This armor covers 80% of your entire body, and uses Tungsten infused titanium (Cost: 45 Resource points)
Kinesis Module - Enables the use of Kinesis (Cost: 20 Resource Points)
Stasis Module - Enables the user to slow down his/her target for 2 comments (Cost: 30 Resource Points)

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